About me

Born in Germany, having studied in Berlin & Paris, I am living in Brussels for more than 20 years.

For long, my artistic work focused on abstract painting – combining collage, graphite and aquarelle. It’s since 2015 that I broadened my attention to photography, turning a hobby into a dedicated creative activity. Building on my basic skills – acquired on my father’s Leica from the 1930s – and as an autodidactic photographer, I nowadays work digitally and increasingly with my SE320 mobile phone.

Benefitting from the spontaneity that a mobile phone provides, my eye focuses on urban landscapes, street photography and on reflections in shop, bar or restaurant windows. Creating unique atmospheres, visual spaces and perspectives, my photos invite us to look differently at what surrounds us in our everyday lives.

Rare are the moments we stop, 
take time and contemplate

Instead, we are driven by busy agendas, busy minds and busy bodies. Worried about arriving late, the discussion this morning, or what to cook for dinner. We rush through the day, through space, and through life – eclipsing the here-and-now and the uniqueness of what surrounds us. A uniqueness we could see, absorb and enjoy – if only we took a moment to stand still.

Bringing back this lost dimension is what motivates my photographic work. Venturing through the urban space, making visible what is eclipsed by our eyes & busy minds. Capturing a unique reflection in a shop window, catching a particular light, or taking an unusual perspective of a location passed by a thousand times.

To reflect these realities as truthfully as possible, none of my motives is generated by Photoshop or overlay, and ‘post-click’ editing is kept to a minimum.